Travelling challenges

The hardest parts about traveling

Traveling is all about having fun and enjoying your time abroad. But sometimes, it’s not always rainbows. Traveling can be hard too. If you’re going backpacking for example for a longer time, it’s even harder because you’ll be away from family and friends for months. Every traveler goes through difficult times though, so it’s normal to have bad days. Here’s a list of some of the hardest parts about traveling.

Missing home

The most obvious thing is to miss home while you’re traveling. You miss how things work at home, you miss your bed, you miss knowing which buses to take and where they depart from, you miss your supermarket and you miss the people at home. It’s normal to feel this way, especially when you’re away for quite some time. But when you miss home, just remember that traveling is a beautiful time to remind yourself of what you have at home and how much you appreciate it. Those feelings will pass too, so keep yourself occupied, make new friends and remind yourself why you’re traveling again.

You miss the food at home

This all depends on where you go, sometimes the food is even better than at home! But if you’re somewhere where you don’t really like the food, it can be tough. Because food does play a huge part and if you don’t enjoy eating the food where you’re at, it can be tough. So you’re starting to think about all those times you had your mother’s home cooked meals, everything you can buy in the supermarkets, etc. But try to be open minded about the food when you’re traveling. Perhaps you just haven’t tried the one thing that’ll change your mind about the food.

Getting sick

It’s never fun to get sick but it sucks even more when you’re not at home. When we’re not feeling so good, the best thing is to bundle up at home and watch a movie. But that’s not always possible when we’re traveling. Instead, we have to settle with sharing a room with 10 others. It’s not always the most comfortable situation to stay in a hostel when you’re sick. So instead of staying in a cramped room, try to stay in a private room or go somewhere where you feel like you can rest. Your body, and mind, will thank you for this!

No one understands you

Perhaps you’re traveling to a country where no one can speak your language and the only way to get by is by body language or google translate. At first it can be fun, but after awhile, you miss having conversations where it just flows. You start getting frustrated because no one understands you and even the simplest things needs to be translated. But the only thing you can do is to learn some basic local words so you can get by. You’ll also notice how much the locals appreciates it and you might even be able to hold a conversation. It’s never a bad thing to learn a new language.

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Reasons why you should consider going overseas with a tour group

Reasons why you should consider going overseas with a tour group

Traveling solo or should you join a tour group? A really important question to ask when you are planning a trip, but you are alone and don’t have someone to go with you. The thing is that there are so many reasons and benefits on why you should consider going overseas with a tour group instead of touring alone. With these reasons, you will see that a tour group might be your best option:

There is someone that is showing you the way

The moment that you are going to a group, there is an experienced tour guide that is going with you to show you the way. Making sure that you and the rest of the tour group are going to see everything and not to get lost along the way.

When you are touring solo, there will not be anyone that is telling you that you are going to the wrong way or that you missed a great tourist attraction.

You are making some great friends

There is no better way to explore and to tour than with friends. The moment that you are going to join a tour group, you are going to meet some new, and even long-life friends.

You will be able to experience everything with someone you like and have someone to talk to. Traveling alone means that you will not have someone to talk to or to experience the travels with. Making it a bit lonely.

You know that you are going to see the best attractions

Something that is hard, is when you are traveling, you don’t always know where the best attractions are. You need to do research in order to know that you are going to see all the important attractions and that you don’t miss out on something.

The tour guide will take you to every attraction that you need to see in the area and in the country. Making your experience so much better.

It is a lot safer to travel in a group

Yes, there are some countries that are just unsafe to tour to. Especially, when you are touring alone. You can be a target if someone spots that you are touring alone. With a tour group, this isn’t something that you need to worry about. You and the rest of the tour group will be safe all the time. Making the experience unforgettable.

Touring alone or going with a tour group is the question that many are asking. With these reasons and benefits of joining a tour group, you might find your answer a lot sooner. If you know that this is something that you can’t do often, you want to make sure that you are choosing a tour group where you can get real value for money.