Travelling while expecting.

Top travel destinations for couples who look to enjoy their babymoon

“Babymoon” is the practice of taking a vacation some place while bearing a child. It’s usually done in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Couples usually choose a tropical setting but some prefer a cozy hotel to hold their babymoon. The important thing is that it has the right offerings to cater to the mother’s pregnancy and health. 

Babymoons have experienced a recent surge in popularity. And honestly, what’s not to love? Offering the perfect opportunity to enjoy a luxurious holiday with your significant other—indulging in lazy beach days and spa sessions before sleepless nights and nappy changing take over—here are five of Asia’s best babymoon destinations:

Sofitel Philippine Plaza – Manila, Philippines

Vacation in the Philippines is always one of the top choices if you have a taste for luxury. It’s feasible currencies can give you instant five-star accommodations to its finest hotels.

One of the most luxurious hotels In the country is Sofitel Philippine Plaza. It probably is the most affordable among all Sofitels worldwide.

It celebrates local culture and tradition mixed with the French art de vivre. It also offers a perfect babymoon package of rest and pamper.

Aside from the coziest rooms, the hotel’s wellness packages are top notch. Enjoy a trip down Le Spa where French elegance meets Filipino spirituality. Their spa rituals take you to a dimension of total relaxation.

Dining experience is also top notch and will surely activate your baby’s sense of taste early. “Spiral” is a high-end buffet with almost all kinds of cuisines while “La Veranda” is more on the poolside dining experience.

Kanuhura – Maldives

Newlywed couples think of either Bali or Maldives as a dream honeymoon destination. The latter usually becomes an option for those who like to splurge on memories.

Another reason Maldives is a more popular choice is because it is more babymoon-friendly rather than the busier Bali.

Kanuhura Maldives has the perfect beachside bungalows and villas that will make you want to sit on the porch all day.

The view of crystal-clear oceans and pristine white beaches while breathing fresh air is something healthy to share with the baby you carry.

It babymoon packages are surely going to ease out on all your tight points. Kanuhura’s wellness programs include mother and father-to-be massages, couple’s yoga, and healthy food trips.

They also have baby-related offerings such as baby food cooking class, gender reveal cake, and even tree planting in honor of your future offspring.

Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel – Lombok, Indonesia

Yes its Indonesia but no its not Bali. Despite the relaxing and cleansing experience Bali offers, it has become a bit crowded in recent years due to the influx of tourists.

The Indonesian archipelago has nice beaches all over, particularly the one in Lombok. If you are into long naps when the air is fresh.

Lombok offers an entire four-night babymoon package in one of their luxury suites. The package includes a full breakfast and a romantic five-course dinner for two.

It also includes a wellness package of a pregnancy-safe bath ritual, massage and facial, and a pregnancy yoga class during your stay.

Island hopping and snorkeling are also offered as an add-on.

Fusion Resort  – Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

Sometimes an hour of massage doesn’t feel enough. The rigors of our daily lives just makes us want to have more.

The Fusion Resort has unlimited pampering for soon-to-be parents. Their “all spa-inclusive” program provides guests with unlimited treatments during their entire stay.

Packages include include pregnancy-friendly massages and reflexology treatments. Skin care treatments such as scrubs and facials gives are offered as well.

The resort is perched atop a pristine sand dune facing the ocean. Its facilities are made from natural materials designed in a luxurious way.

Banyan Tree Club & Spa – Seoul, South Korea

The South Korean capital of Seoul has a number of resort-like accommodations in the middle of urbanization. The Banyan Tree Club & Spa in NamSan is one of those places.

The club is exclusive and requires a membership before you can use its facilities. It overlooks Mt. Namsan where greenery surrounds its building. Peeking outside its windows gives a view close to nature

Korean hospitality is displayed by the staff from check in to check out. They call their spa package “Banayan Signatures,” which combine meditation and holistic treatments.

Its dining options consist of Korean delicacies and modern European creations. The lounges also serve snacks and drinks if you are going for something light.

Amanemu – Shima-shi, Japan

Whenever we see classical Japanese aesthetic structures, it somehow paints a picture of peaceful surroundings.

The Amanemu Suites and Villas in Shima-shi is one of those places you just want to escape to if you are into these types of designs.

The place is built with a combination natural and modern materials. Its purpose is to make the place look as classic as possible.

Its spa has two large onsen bathing pavilions complemented by a pool for aquatic body work. They have four treatment suites.

The secret of the Japanese for their long life is their cuisine. The restaurant’s local produce are organically grown. Seafood is fresh and their Matsusaka Wagyu beef just melts in your mouth.

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